Petamorphosis, Nature’s Goodbye



Welcome. Although the loss of a dear pet is an experience we wish to never have, Petamorphosis is bringing a choice for aftercare to pet parents in the Middle Georgia area and beyond. At Petamorphosis, we have a more natural, environmentally friendly way of caring for your deceased pet. Our method is aquamation or alkaline hydrolysis, which is the same process as burying a pet in the earth, only sped up to a matter of hours, not months. You will receive ashes just as you would with flame cremation and can do a myriad of things to honor your beloved pet with those ashes. Our goal is to help you on your pet’s final journey to remember all the love you shared with your pet and honor that bond.We offer free pre planning if you prefer or you may call or text to discuss all of your options. Read more about aquamation on the following pages, or call/text 478-714-3550 if we may assist you in any way.